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Bridgend's Heritage Network

The Bridgend Heritage Network was established in February 2012 following a heritage conference that was organised by the Bridgend History & Heritage Steering Group.

The overall aim was to give people the chance to explore their heritage and the intrinsic factors that have made Bridgend the County it is today. The event was split into a morning and afternoon session and brought together exhibitors from the four corners of the County and beyond, and gave them a fantastic chance to network and engage with members of the public. 

Accordingly, a number of positives were taken from the event, including the aim to develop a Heritage Network across the County in order to ensure a sustainable heritage culture within Bridgend. As a result, the Heritage Network was formed and it already has over 40 members varying from enthusiastic individuals to members of historical groups from all over the Borough.

The benefits of belonging to this free of charge network include project support, access to newsletters, events & meetings as well as links from the Bridgend Heritage website to your organisations page.

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